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March 1, 2016

KTH-UTokyo Exchange Program for Global Mechanical Engineers (GME)

In the Exchange Program for Global Mechanical Engineers (GME), students are exchanged between KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and the University of Tokyo.
In August 2015, eight KTH students came to Tokyo and joined the solar-boat project at the Department of Systems Innovation. Together with the UTokyo students, they manufactured a boat which moves autonomously driven by sunlight, and participated in a solar-boat race at Lake Biwa in late August.
In January 2016, four UTokyo students visited Stockholm and participated in lectures on composite materials and marine hydromechanics and a project based on the CDIO methodology (http://www.cdio.org/). They were members of the solar-boat project and the experience of working with the KTH students motivated them to go to KTH and see how lectures are given and how students learn as well as to experience the Swedish culture. They were impressed by the interactive communication between teachers and students during lectures and the project work. Particularly, they found the uniqueness and advancement of the project in the pedagogical aspect, in which students cooperate to make a product together as professional engineers would.
The UTokyo and KTH students enjoyed a happy reunion.

Solar-Boat Project 2015


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