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Global Initiative's Objective

The "Global Initiative" was envisioned and conceived as an alternative website to its main domain site dedicated to providing an easy access to non-Japanese speaking viewers. In order to assist those with an effective means to guide through and search contents, all information included in Global Initiative are streamlined and reorganized to enhance the quality of seeking information offered by the School of Engineering. Global Initiative also features the programs and activities supported by the "Re-Inventing Japan Project 2011". This project is a five-year Japanese government initiative that aims to foster human resources capable of being globally active and to assure the quality of education by financially supporting efforts for the formation of international collaborative programs with partner universities.

In addition to Global Initiative, we have launched "Global Initiative Now", which focuses on the management of real time information of activities taken place daily at the Graduate School of Engineering. All data gathered for Global Initiative Now are communicated through visualized information in order to provide its viewers an access to complex yet comprehensive information with graphically based communication logic.

About School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Digital Brochure

Digital Brochure


The School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo promotes a research and education model of merged academic and technological perspectives promoting further globalization. We foster the growth of individuals who will lead innovation in an increasingly global society.

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Message from the Dean

The School of Engineering is structured to sustain our students and researchers in accomplishing their goals. We encourage a flexible approach and inter-disciplinary cooperation in order to tackle the wide range of issues facing the society and the environment of the world. Our campus is set up to allow all of our students and faculty, both Japanese and those from overseas, every advantage possible in their quest for knowledge.

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The School of Engineering is comprised of 18 departments and 8 institutes/centers.

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Here we introduce the highlights of activities organized by the Institute of Innovation in International Engineering Education (IIIEE)

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