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The Graduate School of Engineering offers Master's and doctoral level courses and degrees in a wide range of fields over 18 different departments. The courses are designed with the particular objective of fostering student leadership abilities for future research efforts.

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A key feature of the undergraduate education at the University of Tokyo is that the first two years are devoted to learning a broad spectrum of liberal arts at the Komaba campus. In the third and fourth years, students who choose to major in engineering start specialized study in one of 16 different fields in the Faculty of Engineering.

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The School of Engineering manages different research institutions and centers and takes the initiative in pioneering the latest interdisciplinary fields of research. We engage in very specialized, individual, cutting-edge research projects over a variety of fields.

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Academic Support

The information here is for the support of our international students and researchers to help them smoothly transition and apply themselves to study and research at the School of Engineering.

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