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Leading a diverse global society in innovation

Up until the 19th century, engineering was taught in technical schools with a focus on practical training. The University of Tokyo was the first university to include an engineering curriculum on an equal level with the usual university disciplines of the time. An innovative educational system was created through combining general knowledge and scientific theories together with the learning of technical skills. Engineering was thus promoted to an academic field and this has greatly contributed to how our society has developed industrially for well over a century. The University of Tokyo aims to continue to promote its traditional research and education model of merging academic and technological perspectives through the further globalization of the School of Engineering.

The "Bilingual Campus Plan" aims to create a global environment on a Japanese campus. Plans are already underway with a focus on recruiting the world’s top researchers as faculty members and as guest lecturers, and on nurturing the talents and capabilities of our young future international leaders. Current measures include: 1) improving the international mobility and visibility of our students and teaching staff; 2) forming alliances with other top universities and institutions around the world; 3)engaging more deeply in international academic activities; 4) offering graduate courses taught in English; 5)supporting the learning of English and Japanese for engineers; and 6) continuously performing analytical evaluations and improving our educational program. The key concept of diversity is firmly rooted in our ever-changing society these days making the offering of an environment conducive to learning over the entire spectrum of science and technology even more imperative. The School of Engineering has approximately 1,000 international students and 200 foreign researchers studying alongside 4,500 Japanese students. On a bilingual campus based in English –the world’s most widely used language– and in Japanese –preserving a unique quality of Japan– we foster the growth of individuals who will lead innovation in an increasingly global society.

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