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The School of Engineering offers Japanese Language Classes for international students and researchers to help in adjusting smoothly and swiftly to life in Japan. Every semester more than 250 international students from about 40 countries enroll in these Japanese language classes in levels ranging from beginning levels to advanced levels depending on Japanese proficiency levels.

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Text Books - UT Engineering Series

Basic knowledge is necessary for pursuing multi-disciplinary research in order to tackle the complex problems of modern society. We publish textbooks- UT Engineering Series- for students and professors of our school to learn and teach the base of engineering knowledge passed down over the centuries. This series helps develop a comprehensive vision while providing new standards in engineering education.

Text Books -
Probability and Statistics I
Text Books -
Linear Algebra II
Text Books -
Complex Function Theory I

A sense of ethics is necessary in order to be a reliable researcher while performing an experiment, using the Internet, and when writing a thesis. A lecture in Engineering Ethics is held every summer semester at the Graduate School of Engineering and a guidebook, “Ethics Guidelines for Scientific Research”, is published.


Learning about (academic) life in Japan and basic Japanese vocabulary.
Also for Japanese students who want to learn technical English vocabulary.

SNOWBALLS stands for "Self Navigation Web-based Literacy Learning System" and is an e-learning system we primarily developed for language learning. Students took and still take the lead in further developing both the system and its educational content in the SNOWBALLS e-learning course, which is part of the "Creative Engineering Project". For e-learning, ensuring learner motivation is one of the biggest challenges. Through our close collaboration with students we developed a game-style learning environment with various motivational and interactive elements, and brainstorming sessions at the start of each semester guarantee that our content deals with topics that students actually want to learn.

Since we want to offer content for both Japanese university students learning Technical English, and for international students learning about (campus) life in Japan and Japanese language, our classes are also open to both Japanese and International students of the UT. Students work together in pairs and groups to broaden everyone's view and use everyone's strengths.

The SNOWBALLS course is part of the Creative Engineering Project:
Summer semester:
Undergraduate 3rd/4th year: 03-047511/03-047513, Graduate: 3799-024

Winter semester:
Undergraduate: 03-047512, Graduate: 3799-023

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