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UT-SNU Remote Lecture Program


Seoul National University and The University of Tokyo joined forces in 2007 to internationalize curricula and student experiences by broadening perspectives through the exchange of top-class lectures.
The UT-SNU Remote Lecture Program offers the unique opportunity for direct contact between domestic students and foreign professors abroad, in real time, providing a global educational experience from Tokyo. By using a TV conferencing system, live or two-directional lectures are delivered to students.

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UT-MIT International Lecture: Introduction to Materials Engineering


This lecture is held under an international collaboration agreement between the Department of Materials Engineering, The University of Tokyo (UT), and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Students learn the basics of Materials Engineering through lectures by UT professors and via video lectures by MIT professors. Students can also communicate with the MIT students and professors directly via internet. Furthermore, an international student meeting is held at the end of every May, when MIT students and professors visit UT. In this meeting, presentations on the topics from the Materials Engineering course are made by both sides and students then engage in discussions.



Language exchange through Skype about culture, education, and campus-life between UT students learning English and MIT students learning Japanese.

MSkype is a course for language and cultural exchange between UT students and MIT students using skype. It offers Japanese students an opportunity to practice English, while American students can practice Japanese. At the same time they can learn about each other's university and culture and get an impression of what it would be like to study or do an internship abroad. It is also the first step for many students to building an international network.

The course is taught in a repeating 3-week pattern of:
1. preparation (brainstorming, topic selection, group discussions, debates, etc.),
2. language exchange using skype (30min. in English, 30min. in Japanese, 30min. free choice), and
3. wrap-up & Feedback (summarizing, sharing, and discussing experiences with the group).

The MSkype course is part of the Creative Engineering Project:
Summer semester:
Undergraduate 3rd/4th year: 03-047511/03-047513, Graduate: 3799-024

Winter semester:
Undergraduate: 03-047512, Graduate: 3799-023

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