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Graduate School of Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering


Integrating various specialized fields with the aim of fostering talented individuals who will go on to create our future environment.

  • Infrastructure technology ,Disaster Mitigation ,Environmental Engineering

Department of Architecture


Nourishing the growth of specialists who will design our cities through the realization of a rich architectural heritage and living environment.

  • Architectural Planning ,History of Architecture and Design ,Building environment and Equipment ,Building Structures

Department of Urban Engineering


Providing students with the background necessary to advance as an expert in planning and management of urban communities, with courses emphasizing studio and laboratory work.

  • urban planning ,urban environmental engineering ,sustainable urban regeneration

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Conducting research and education on mechanical engineering ranging from cutting edge academic studies to advanced applied industrial technologies.

  • dynamics ,energy ,design

Department of Precision Engineering


Handling an extensive range of advanced technology from information devices to manufacturing technology working to create a better sustainable society.

  • Production science ,Biomedical devices ,Intelligent machines/robots

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Developing space intelligently and passionately through education and research of aircraft and space vehicles.

  • Aircraft systems ,Aerospace engines ,Satellite systems

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems


Pioneering and developing new fields by deepening and expanding electrical and information technologies.

  • Media, Communications, and Computing ,Integrated circuits and Microelectromechanical Systems ,Energy systems, Plasma, and Control

Department of Applied Physics


Advancing the frontiers of the physical sciences by conducting ground-breaking research and exploring the potential of next-generation technology.

  • condensed matter physics ,quantum information ,optical physics

Department of Systems Innovation


Creating a unique environment for innovative studies of the major systems of modern civilization.

  • Global Network ,System of Systems ,Socioeconomic System

Department of Materials Engineering


Fostering individuals to take on important roles in industry and in academia in order to realize a sustainable future from a nanoscalar to a global perspective.

  • Biomaterials ,Ecomaterials ,Nanomaterials

Department of Applied Chemistry


Expanding the base of knowledge by designing new chemical reactions and engineering new compounds and materials.

  • Giant Molecules ,Nanoscale Analysis ,Environmental Catalysts and Monitoring

Department of Chemical System Engineering


Dedicated to solving fundamental problems from the molecular to the planetary level through a systems-based chemistry approach.

  • Chemistry ,Materials and Devices ,System Engineering

Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology


Contribute to human society by designing and creating new materials based on the combining of chemistry and biotechnology.

  • Molecular catalysts based on organometallic chemistry ,Functional molecules based on supramolecular chemistries and biominetics ,Genetic regulation based on molecular biology and cell engineering

Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies


Enabling researchers in various fields to solve complex problems and conducting an analysis of interaction with society.

  • Advanced science and technology ,Interdisciplinary research ,Global outreach

Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management


Promoting research and education of nuclear energy and producing students with an international mindset able to work anywhere in the world.

  • Nuclear Energy & Safety ,Radiation Science & Medical Physics ,Social Science around Nuclear Energy

Department of Bio Engineering


Using new medical technology to raise the understanding of interactions with living bodies and rendering materials and systems more compatible and useful.

  • integration of engineering and life sciences ,innovative medical systems ,interactions of materials and systems with living bodies

Department of Technology Management for Innovation


Training people with logical perspectives to maintain an industrial society capable of continuous innovation.

  • technology management ,business management ,intellectual property management

Department of Nuclear Professional School


Offering a 1-year comprehensive education plan to train nuclear professionals in the industry, regulatory bodies, and research institutes.

  • Nuclear Professional Education ,Nuclear Life Cycle Engineering ,International Education with IAEA
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