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Institute of Engineering Innovation (IEI)


Reconstructing existing disciplines through the Frontier Research Division, Project Management Division, and Nano-technology Research Center.

  • Engineering innovation ,Nano technology

Institute for Innovation in International Engineering Education (IIIEE)


Offering projects to promote international cooperation and supporting the School of Engineering as one of the world's leading universities in engineering.

Research Center for Water Environment Technology


Researching the development of advanced water environment control technology and acting as a center for the exchange of knowledge from around the world.

  • Water environmental dynamics ,Environmental microbiology ,Southeast Asian water environment

Quantum-Phase Electronics Center


Exploring the physics of new materials that will eventually contribute to future electronics and testing how these will fit into a sustainable society.

  • Emergent materials science ,Control of quantum states of matter ,New principles of electronics with minimal energy dissipation

Frontier Research Center for Energy and Resources


Conducting cutting-edge research on the exploration and exploitation of energy and mineral resources seeking a paradigm for a low-carbon society.

  • Oil and Gas ,Mineral Resources ,CCS

Photon Science Center


Serving as a core for the research and education of photon science and playing a significant role in modern technology since 2010.

  • Photon science and technology ,Advanced laser light sources ,Material science involving photons

The University of Tokyo Wuxi Office


Proposing and promoting new activities between Japan and China in education, research, and industry-academic collaboration.

Resilience Engineering Research Center


Resilience engineering is an academic area where both principles and methods are studied for realizing systems robust against disturbances and early recoverable from damage.

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